Can you love me????



Once upon a time, there was a little squirrel. He wasn’t beautiful, or ugly. He wasn’t smart, or dumb. He was just a normal little squirrel that looked just like all the other squirrels in the world. He didn’t have any special habit. When the sun would start to do down, he would go to the end of the forest and stand in a corner next to the lake longing to see the other animals that would go there to drink water. Bears, lions, dears, rabbits, beavers, skunks and frogs would pass by. The little squirrel thought that he resembled all these animals because they all had something beautiful and special about them. So he would stop them, look them in the eye and ask them: “Can you love me?|


Most of them would start laughing and wouldn’t even bother to reply back to him. Others would say to him; “I don’t have time- or I don’t know what it means to love…”

This took place every sunset until one day a skunk smiled at him and said: Yes I can. Let’s love each other”

“ You can? Oh how glad I am! Tell me, what does it mean to love each other?”

“Well the most important thing is not to rush to understand it” Now listen, to love each other firstly means to look at each other in the eyes”

So they did that for many days and nights.

“Now do we love each other” asked the squirrel

“Of course not” replied the skunk.. “It is not that simple.

To love each other acquires us to build something together”

And so they built things together. They were so happy!!!!

“How lovely it is to love you” said the squirrel. “Do we love ach other now?”

“ No, not yet” said the skunk “To love each other means we must have something from one another. Give me some of your brownish color fur and I will give you some of the yellow color of my eyes.”

And that is what they did…

The squirrel looked deep into the eyes of the skunk and was marveled by the radiance of his color into his eyes. Then he in return gave him the best and softest part of the fur on his back.

“Now do we love each other?”

“No, not yet! The most difficult part remains for us to do.”

“We must hug each other very, very tight” Come on with lets run to catch the sunray!”

“One, two, three….off we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Now do we love each other?”

“Yes now we do!!!!”


As strange as it seems, that is how ran for the sun. The rain started to fall and it was sweet like honey. It was there tears of joy that from the vast speed they were running made all the birds and the stars dizzy- they became one…

A new bright and radiant rainbow appeared in the sky. All the people on earth covered their eyes so they won’t become blind by its radiance and were wondering what had happened way up high in the clouds.

Time went by…

Could it have been years or maybe a few minutes??? No one could tell, because time was timeless until the skunk whispered: “I am tired. Please don’t be upset. Maybe I got dizzy from running. I would like to go back.”


“You’re tired?” said the squirrel.

We haven’t been running though on ground. It is the light that is carrying us. It is not tiring at all.”

“It is for me” said the skunk

Very few can cope with this a second time. It is dangerous. I am going back..”

He said that, and with no difficulty at all jumped onto a meteorite that was going down to earth and was lost…

“Don’t go!!!!” yelled the squirrel.

“I am afraid I will never be able to stop and it will ridiculous running on my own in the sky…”

Darkness only heard his voice and maybe I swear the moon that just appeared behind a small cloud…

“HEY!!!!!!!! Anyone here????” “There is no meaning for me now to reach the sun. Who would even think I would go back to earth?”

The universe at that point was totally empty, no one answered him back.

“I feel that I am running faster now than I did before. I am also getting cold. What if I end up running up here on my own forever?”

“Hey is anyone there??? Help!!!!!”

At that point a small voice reached his ear. It was so sweet and so gentle as if it were coming out of himself.

“Pssst!!! Psst!!! Little squirrel!!!”

“Did anyone talk to me? I can’t see anything!”

“Psst, here next to your tummy. I am the sunray that was carrying you both on a ride to the galaxy. You’re still running on me. Listen. I am the only one that can take you back to earth. First of all we will have to get into the earths orbit and then slowly, slowly land back down to earth. The only problem is that I have been running infinite kilometers and I am nearly exhausted. In order to return to earth, you must sacrifice something from yourself, so I may burn it up and fill my batteries so we can move on.”

“I’ll do anything you say. What would you like me to sacrifice?


“I don’t know! Your fur, the souls of your feet, a piece of your heart…”

“My fur and feet are yours. The only thing I don’t have anymore is my heart. The skunk took it with him. That cannot change.”

“Ok, I’ll take your feet. Hope we can make it with them. I am burning the first soul of your feet. Don’t hurt so much. Please don’t cry I can’t take it!” Hush! Hold on we are changing course”

So, they entered orbit… The squirrel was left with one leg, looking at the earth which was so tiny. He thought that he also saw the skunk in the forest. The skunk was the center of the earth for him. He was the one that only mattered. Nothing else!

It is strange to enter orbit. The centre of your life is something you run around from. It is useless running, because you can never reach it, or get away from it.

“Shhhhhh, Don’t talk, bite your lips said the sunray. I am burning up your second foot. We are landing.


They started to land rolling in the air, in the wind. It looked as though they were going to have a crash landing. The squirrel was with no legs, earth was becoming bigger, the forest was becoming clearer, they could see the trees, the river and suddenly splash!!!! Nothing!!!!

When the squirrel started to gain his senses back his entire body was in pain. He then realized that someone was there next to him tending his wounds and putting bandages on him. Caressing him.. “Ahhh my skunk he thought is doing this and he opened his eyes.

To his surprise he saw a beaver standing over him. He was quite big and brown with a funny mouth, but his eyes were glowing like fireflies. His smile was so tender and sweet but the little squirrel could not even shed a tear out of gratitude. They looked at each other silently for quite a while. Then the Beaver asked something that the squirrel had asked many, many times in the past without knowing about all this.

“Can you love me?”

The squirrel sighed, without any sadness.

“I am afraid I can’t. I have no heart to love.”

“Its ok” said the beaver, “I can give you a piece of my heart”

“To love each other means we need to run together and I have no feet.” said the squirrel.

“Why should we run without a reason?” asked the beaver. To love each other means to take a journey together how ever we can.” The most important thing is that we are together, not how fast we run, or where we go… My dear squirrel if you can love me, I will make crutches for you from a wild rose bush. If you don’t want that then I will teach you to walk with your hands. If you get tired I will take you in my arms and that will be the most beautiful thing of  all because I will hear your breath and your scent will fill my skin and we will not know if it is me or you, or you or me, we will be us….”

What happened next no one knows for sure and how would I know.. It said they were seen fading away into the sunrise, walking hand by hand laughing and smiling… It is said that the sound of their laughter remained on the leaves of the trees.


No one ever saw them again……



3 thoughts on “Can you love me????

  1. Μελιτάκι μου γλυκό, Καλημέρα!!! Έχεις απόλυτο δίκιο… Συμφωνώ μαζί σου… Την αγάπη μας πρέπει να την δείχνουμε και να την μοιραζόμαστε απλόχερα καθημερινά… Φιλάκια πολλά

  2. Όταν είσαι με κάποιον και μοιράζεσαι μαζί του στιγμές, καλές και κακές (ειδικά τις κακές που σας δένουν ακόμα περισσότερο) δεν περιμένεις την ημέρα του Αγίου Βαλεντίνου για να δώσεις δωράκια , καρτούλες και την αγάπη σου…
    Το δείχνεις καθημερινά με ένα βλέμμα, με ένα χάδι , με μια αγκαλιά , με ένα λουλούδι που έκοψες από τον κήπο σου και ήθελες να την κάνει να χαμογελάσει, με το να σκουπίσεις με φιλιά τα δάκρυα της.
    Καλησπέρα Νατάσα μου.

  3. Καλημέρα Νατάσσα μου!Ηappy Valentine’s Day!!Have a great time with your beloved one!Many kisses my aussie friend!!Dimi..


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