Time of Learning


As most of you know I have taken some time off from writing on my blog as I am seeking His guidance for my next steps.

It is not easy learning to be still, especially when you don’t know where you are going. I must say, although I have limited my time “online” my days have been quite full. I am in a stage at the moment where I am learning. Learning things about myself, learning more about Him and His purpose for my life. I am learning to listen more to those around me and their needs. Learning to give all to Him in prayer. Learning to lean more on Him and trust more in Him. Learning to speak, move and act when it is the right timing and also learning to be still, quiet and in my “secret place” with Him.

I am learning to set boundaries and limits, to prioritize all things in my life according to His direction and will. Learning to say “no” when needed and to avoid situations that cause problems and stress. Learning to eat healthier and make choices that will benefit my physical, mental and spiritual body.

I have deleted my FB Blog Page “Strolling Down Life’s Path”, I have changed the title of my blog to ” He is sufficient for me”. I have deleted my account on  “Networked Blogs” and de-cluttered my personal FB page and Bloglovin.

I am considering changing homes for my blog… I am doing some research at the moment… I am looking at “Weebly”… I would appreciate it if you have any suggestions on a new home which is free and easy to use…

This is a time where I am learning to move one step at a time in His path for me.

I will be posting in my blog once a week and linking up with some wonderful and inspiring blogs that I encourage you to take some time and read them.

You are all so precious to me. You are precious gems in my life that I treasure deeply. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your love and support.

There is one thing I humbly ask of you and that is ” Your Prayers”.

In His love,

Natasha Limberopoulou

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26 thoughts on “Time of Learning

  1. Such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your faith and journey. Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions

  2. It’s so good to see you and thank you so much for linking up. I love your new blog name. Love that you are taking time to be still with Him. I will be keeping you in prayers, Natasha. I’m so very grateful for your friendship. {Hugs}

  3. That’s awesome, Natasha! Taking time to declutter and learn learn learn- that is an exciting time. Praying for you as you seek God’s will!

  4. You have my prayers and support, Natasha! Learning is a great (yet hard) process… I did my blog transition by myself and it grew my trust in God so deeply. (Technology and I are not good friends. Ha)

    Blessings, friend. Thanks for linking up with #EverydayJesus.

    1. Thank you for your prayers and support dear Sharita!!! I always enjoy linking up with you and visiting you!!! Blessings and love.xxxx

  5. Natasha, I’m glad you are taking this time to seek the Lord’s will for your life. Its so easy to allow life to get in the way of our relationship with the Lord. I’ll be praying for you. Blessings, Kasey

  6. “This is a time where I am learning to move one step at a time in His path for me.”

    Isn’t that where we should all be? Constantly learning and growing and following the path he has prepared in front of us.

    So glad I visited from The Weekend Brew!

  7. Nat mou, am happy and proud of you for the steps you are taking…yes one at a time, being sensitive to His voice and direction. Praying for you. Love you

    1. Martha mou, you are one of those people in my life that I am so grateful for and very blessed to know. You are such a wonderful and inspiring woman of God and I am honored to have you in mylife as a wonderful example and most of all as a sister in Christ. Thank you for your prayers and your constant encouragement and love! Love you very much!!! xxx

  8. I admire your conviction to live free of the online burdens, Natasha. It’s definitely a daily struggle for me, too, to harness e-communication for good without falling prey to the tyranny of the urgent. I’m humbled you would take a few minutes today to visit my blog so that I could find yours as well! Blessings!

    1. I am so happy we have connected dear Becky! I look forward to getting to know you more and enjoying a cup of coffee or tea together via internet!!! Sending you much love….Blessings xxx

  9. Natasha, take care and delight in the many blessings that are sure to come your way. I think you will be surprised how many times, and how loud that still small voice can be. Peace and grace be yours in abundance.

    1. Thank you so much!!! I agree with you, that the still small voice can be quite loud sometimes 🙂 Love to you my dear friend! May you have a blessed Lent Journey!!!! xxxx

  10. I have enjoyed what I’ve read, and I’m wishing the best for your direction and clarity. It sounds as if you’re moving along in some areas and waiting in others. Be blessed as you go along! As long as I can follow, I will.

    1. Thnak you Jennifer!!! Yes, I am moving along to where He directs my path and learning to be still and patient as I wait for His direction in other areas… Blessings and love to you xxx

  11. I am glad to have met you via Jennifer Dukes Lee’s link up. I hope your time of pruning will be very fruitful and that your quiet times will help you hear God’s still, small voice.

    1. Thank you for stopping by dear Constance! This is part of this learning process to hear His still small voice guiding my every footstep!!! Blessings to you xxx

  12. It is great to see you back on-line. Although I have missed seeing you your physical and spiritual wellbeing is paramount so do what you need to do. I happen to like the new title.

    1. Thank you so much dear brother in Christ for your support and love. Just seeing your comments as you stop by and visit truly blessed me all this time. This new title has been on my mind from the day I started blogging… Blessings to you xxx


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